Intelligence (Emotional) Interpretation

Interpretation (1):  Emotional Perception and Expression: the ability to accurately identify and express feelings


The ability for self-awareness; to be aware of your own feelings as they are occurring.


The ability to become emotionally literate. The ability to learn to identify and label specific feelings in yourself and others and the ability to clearly and directly communicate and discuss these emotions.


Interpretation (2):  Use of Emotions – the ability to use your feelings constructively


The ability to let your feelings guide you to what is important to think about. The ability to use your feelings to help your decisions which are healthy for both you and the rest of the human race


Interpretation (3): Emotional Understanding – the ability to understand the meanings of emotions and how they can change.


This includes the ability to understand…


  1. The purpose of emotions; understanding their survival value to the species
  2. The relationships between emotions; how and why they can change from one feeling to another
  3. The emotions which lead to the behavior in yourself and others
  4. The relationship between thoughts and feelings
  5. The causes of emotions and their relationship to our human psychological needs, especially our unmet emotional needs.


Interpretation (4): Emotional Management – the ability to manage emotions for personal and social growth


  1. The ability to take responsibility for one’s own feelings and happiness
  2. The ability to turn negative emotions into positive learning and growing opportunities
  3. The ability to help others identify and benefit from their emotions


Interpretation (5): And overall, the global scale for emotional intelligence assesses your ability to perceive, assimilate, understand and manage emotion.


A score equal to or greater than 4 on each dimension and on the global assessment shows a high level of emotional intelligence.


A score of less than or equal to 2 on each dimension and on the global assessment suggests that you need to identify emotional intelligence as an area needing personal development



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