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In spite of their convenience and necessity, cell phones are now another means whereby we can irritate our fellow man. Theaters, restaurants, trains–even public restrooms–are no longer safe from the possibility of an untimely call.

Cross the Line

To energies participants during a training programme containing a communication theme

Group Juggle

A Good Icebreaker for Day 2 of a multi-day training session. Good for a group of at least 12 and up to 30 where some people know each other, but the whole group is still getting acquainted:

People don’t know how to dream

One of  the  main focus points of my life is helping other people set and achieve goals. It pains me when I see  someone struggling and hot able not able to be all that they were meant to be.

Personalization vs standardization

The standardisation and personalisation of courseware are two of the most researched areas within eLearning today. It is believed that the personalisation of courses allow students to attain improved results through individualised attention to their learning needs.

Poster War

This is an activity to help consolidate key learning points at the end of a course and you can use it whenever you have displayed a number of relevant peripherals (posters) around the training room wall.

Some animals show in a very clear way some kind of human behaviour

Gets in and fights whenever others disagree with his plans or interfere with his desires.

Strategic Learning Contracts – Maximizing Training & Learning Results

Tom Peters once spoke of a sausage company in the U.S. that determined pay scales, in part by the amount of new things that staff learned. So, when a sausage assembly line worker learned something about accounting, that was five bucks an hour more on the pay cheque.

Ten rules for great customer service

Think about the last  time you had a negative buying experience. Did an e-commerce site fail to respond to your mail query? Or maybe a sales associate at your neighborhood computer store did’t know the different between a floppy drive and hard drive.


How do we get training to stick? It’s the million dollar question. Experts have long ago agreed that the interminable hours long dissertations and lectures are as ineffective as they are tedious.

What is Training Good For Anyway

There are good reasons to mandate training  and development in your organization, and there are bad reasons for mandating training. There are also good reasons for not training, in some circumstances, and bad reasons for refuse.

SkillXP ensures that trainers and managers get the best tools resulting in resourceful leadership training materials. For this, we offer Free Training Materials, which works effectively in bringing out the best in the leadership training process. The nature of most leadership trainings is to inspire others; show and inculcate great levels of commitment and passion towards work. For this, leaders need to help process high levels of decision making and help their team with innovation and creativity. To achieve this, the training materials provided for free is a great start. You can download the material and get a gist of the process.

These Free Training Materials are offered in the form of articles that touch upon various leadership and other development aspects. You get to know about the latest topics and how they impact on the process of corporate training. These materials are precise yet aptly developed for you to help train others better. While preparing your material, you can brush through these topics and add them to your courseware. It will give a new and better direction to the training process you have been working on.

As you download training materials online, you can save up a lot of time in working out your training module. The topics are relevant and updated to suit your needs. Thus, it will give your training programme a fresh outlook as you can train others about the latest developments and ways to tackle various situations in the corporate world.

Corporate training often seeks the assistance of those trainers who are well qualified for the job. Our corporate training material adds multiple dimensions to your training process and helps you establish a great trainer portfolio. This way you can help new managers, team members in understanding the work atmosphere and contributing with the help of necessary skills.

With the help of the Free Training Materials, companies can take up small sessions with their teams and understand the nature of their skills. This is a great testing ground to see where the team stands and how much work needs to be added. If as trainers and leaders you feel the team members need consistent training, you can further refer to our online training courses. In both the ways, it benefits the training process and makes it easy on the trainees as well. So, if you are looking for well-structured and helpful training course material, download our Free Training Materials today!