When do I receive the course materials I buy from your site?

The moment we process your payment, we will send you an order confirmation by email that includes instructions and links for downloading the product. Instantaneously we will send you a downloadable link. Click the link and download the product.

What version or formats are supported?

  1. Microsoft Office doc/ppt/xl format are used
  2. Some materials will be in PDF format

What are the salient features of products?

  • It contains all you need to deliver a workshop
  • You get the right to edit, modify the content
  • You can customize it as per your needs
  • All documents will be ready to print.
  • No limitation on number of copies you can print
  • You will receive the files in Microsoft Office format

What does each premium training course materials include?

Each premium package contains the following:

  • Facilitators guide
  • PPT Slides
  • Participanthandouts
  • Activity sheets
  • Exercises
  • Workshop outline
  • Reading materials
  • Feedback form’
  • Action Planning sheet
  • Attendance sheet.

What does each basic training course materials include?

It will have a detail deck of PPT Slides which you can customize it with your delivery strategy

What would I gain by using your Training Materials?

By virtue of our generous licence offer, you can easily modify the content and enhance it based on your own needs. You save your productive time and will get materials which you can use it immediately. All products are at affordable prices which means you get a huge value for a small investment.

Will I get the flexibility to customize the product?

Yes, you can. You can mix and match with your delivery style. What is prohibited by law is that you can not sell combined training material directly to other trainers or training organisations who would then use it to deliver the training.

Can I brand the product with my own my own logo on it?

We own the content, but we have licensed it to you for specific use which means you can brand the content as per your own organisation policies.

Can I collect fee from my participants?

Yes, you can charge participants for attending. You can use freely to train your team. Skill one has to keep in mind that Its copyright protected so you do not have the authority to sell online or offline. Feel free to copy, edit, and print the materials as often as you need.

Any sampleof your training materials available?

Please check with each corresponding course for details

Do you provide any post sales support?

Write to us at support@skillxp.com for any additional support material you need. We can customize it for a fee.

Do you offer a discount if I buy more products?

There is an attractive discount for multiple product purchase in a single transaction. Please write to us for special price at support@skillxp.com

If you purchase the entire product range, we can offer you 40% discount.

Are you planning to provide more courses?

We will be launching new products every month.Do register with us for you to receive regular updates on the new products. If you are looking for something specific just drop us a line.

REGISTER and receive products updates.

Is there specific number of days assigned for each products?

The freedom to customize is in your hands. However, every product has a defined objective, and appropriate flow to make sure participants learn the skills during the course. For a shorter duration you may have to select appropriate modules and create your own session flow. As the materials comes in an editable format, you can set up the material the way you want it.

Who buys from you?

In house trainers, Freelance trainers, HR managers, Training organization, Leaders\Managers \ Supervisors who need to develop their team, Individuals buy for their self-development,

How can I pay?

You can use your credit card \ debit card \ net banking or thru pay pal.

Can I do a Bank to Bank transfer?

For bank transfer you need to request for invoice and we will send you an invoice which contains all the necessary instructions on how to transfer the funds. Once funds are received, we will send you the download links for products you have purchased.

How can I send you funds internationally?

Quick way to obtain the products is by using credit cards either directly or through PayPal.

What currency will I be charged in?

The payment processing is handled via …….., our payment processor, and as a result you will only pay in your local currency. This is handled automatically and it is very easy to follow.

How will the materials delivered to me?

At the completion of the purchase process, we will send you an email instantaneously which will contain downloadable links. It means you can download the products from anywhere!

What happens when I order?

Once purchase payment is processed, you will receive emails with instructions and links to download the products. The entire system is live 24/7 and your order is handled rapidly and automatically.

Will I receive any physical material?

None of the products will be delivered physically, it will be delivered to you digitally.

My connections keep dropping. I can not download the product. What should I do?

A good solution is to use a download manager which resumes download from the last point when the connection is dropped. Should you face any problem write to us support@skillxp.com

Is there a price list or a catalogue of your products?

All the details of our products is available on our website. Need more information write to us info@skillxp.com

My email address has changed. What should I do to receive the newsletter in my new email?

If you have changed your email, simply login to the site and click on your username displayed at the top of the page to go to your account page. Here, you can set your new email address as well as other details for receiving the newsletter.

Even after registering on your site, but I not receive a verification?

When you register on our site, you will receive an email which contains a link to confirm your email address. Sometimes mails do end up in your junk mail or spam folder. Please check to make sure it is not there. To receive a new verification email, please register again or write to us at support@skillxp.com

My download gets disconnected in the middle, do I get a chance to download again?

Once you purchase a product, you receive a download link that is active for 10 days. In any case, if you were still unable to download the files, you should contact support and we will assist you.

My credit card was declined. What do I do?

One of the main reason for decline is that the address provided in the form does not match the billing address of the card. This is required for security reasons. Since our products are delivered digitally we don’t use this address to ship to you, but you need to enter it accurately for the transaction to go through.

If you still experience problems we provide alternative methods of payments. You can request for an invoice and pay by bank-to-bank transfer.

Can I use your training materials in my country?

Our soft skills training courses focus on improving general communication skills, productivity and management. Any examples provided are designed to be suitable for an international audience so indeed you can easily use them in your country. If you have any specific case studies, you can easily add them to the course based on your training needs.

I ordered but haven't received anything.

Don’t panic! If your payment processing has been successful you will immediately receive an email with instructions. If you have not received the emails, either the payment has not gone through successfully or the emails have ended up in your spam. Please check your spam folder and see if you have received the emails. If you have not received any email from us and you are sure the payment has been processed, please mail us the details at support@skillxp.com and we will assist you within 24 hours.

Is there terms of use agreement?

Please look at  terms & conditions

How do I get receipt for TAX purposes.

Contact support@skillxp.com with your purchase details. We will immediately mail you a receipt in PDF format.If you still have questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to contact support@skillxp.com

What is your privacy policy?

Please view Privacy Policy  for details

I want to translate the materials into another language

You can translate the content into a language of your choice. Fair exclusions exist, such as, you can’t produce derivative products that compete with the original. For more details, see terms & conditions.

I like to use your images to promote my courses.Can I use the images on your website on my site?

No. You cannot use images you find on our website www.skillxp.com in any form. For details on how to use the content and images provided in the training materials please see terms & conditions.

Can I publish your free articlesmaterials or use them in my products?

Free materials and articles on our site are provided to enhance your training or use them for self-learning. Please do provide a link back to us as a reward and motivation for us to continue updating the free section. No content from www.skillxp.com site (text or images) can be republished elsewhere online or in print, as part of a product, for product advertisement, for commercial gain or for free.

If you have any specific requests, please contact support@skillxp.com

How secure is your site?

We use secure SSL transactions for safe online shopping.

Is my credit card details gets recorded?

None of your credit card details or any financial transaction details are stored on our system in any way. We commit to protect your privacy and security when purchasing online.