Time Management

Time Management


The focus today is on personal productivity. If you are not productive- you are out. Therefore how you manage the hours of your life is extremely important.

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What you get


Time is a scarce resource.  It is irreplaceable and irreversible.  Few  things are more important to us than learning how to save time and how to spend it wisely.


This principle applies to us all in most areas of our lives.  But it is especially true in the world of work.  For there the potential demands and pressures on your time greatly outweigh what is available. We have to choose our ends wisely and manage our time and abilities carefully to achieve them.


This module / session is about Time Management, in relation to life generally and to work in particular.  Business executives are among many now aware of the need to manage time better.  But this is an understandable skepticism about facile systems, which promise complete control over time.


Paradoxically, to save time, you must spend time.  Budget some of your time now – perhaps on a forthcoming journey or quietly at home – you could analyse and evaluate ways & means to work towards better time management.


Regard it as an investment, which will pay rich dividends by helping you to:


  • Develop a new personal sense of time
  • Think about the future, set goals and develop plans
  • Analyze where, how and why you are spending your time
  • Reduce time pressures
  • Rid yourself of activities which waste time
  • Learn how to save time by delegating
  • Re-allocate your time to produce better results
  • Learn time saving techniques in all aspects
  • Use more time to think innovations
  • Make time an ally instead of an enemy


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