Ethical Selling Skills

Ethical Selling Skills


Selling is a wonderful profession when approached ethically, constructively and helpfully!

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What you get


Effective sales people are interpreters and translators (and increasingly educators too) who can enable the complex systems of the buying organization and the selling organization to work together for the benefit of both.

The Powerful Learning journey includes:

Understanding the powerful qualities of a professional sales person
How to identify the needs of a customer in a shortest possible time
Understand your responsibilities of a sales-person
Identify factors of success
Understand the steps involved in the sales process
The secret Skill model used for professional Selling
Learn how to identify the key traits of each customer type
Learn the ways to handle each of the customer types and their negotiations
Learn key skills in negotiating price
Identify the ways to handle the common concerns that customers have

What you get with this course:
PPT(175 slides),Training Guide, Training Aids and lots more!


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