Business Writing

Business Writing


Even if you have  the education and  experience necessary  to get a good job, inadequate writing  skills could  hold you back.  Why?

Because you need good writing skills to convey your knowledge and experience. Poor written communications can make you appear less competent than you are, and keep your ideas from getting the audience—and the praise—they deserve.


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What you get


Effective business writing is short, precise, explicit, rational and easily understood. This intervention will help participants to develop the skills necessary for successful business writing – be it reports, emails, letters, policy documents or contracts.

In this course apart from Facilitator guide and other inputs you also will get 275 PPT slides to

  • Plan and organize thoughts and ideas in a systematic manner
  • Identify the importance of grammar & proofreading
  • Identify the various types of e-mails your customer receives
  • Develop necessary skills to write customized communication
  • Analyze the pit-falls in writing
  • Gain domain knowledge to become a productive


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