Characteristics of Effective Leaders and Managers

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The existence of effective leaders and managers is quintessential to any company. As it is often said, “employees do not leave their companies, they leave their bosses”, good leadership is a sign of best team management and is the key in holding the talent bank of any company.


A good leader is much more than a good boss. While a boss is often synonymic to someone who micro manages and points out mistakes of their subordinates, a good leader and a manager is entirely the opposite. Good leadership is all about adding value to the team and to the company, through their unique charm, zeal, and confidence.


Qualities of Good Leadership


Though many people opine that great leaders are born with qualities of good leadership, it is equally true that with practice one can also become a good leader. Here are some essential skills and qualities of a good leader that helps in an effective team management:


Constructive Communication


As James Humes says, ‘the art of communication is the language of good leadership’.  Communication is the key to bring out results in a positive way. When a manager is delegating tasks, or attending a meeting with subordinates, superiors or clients, communication plays a critical role.


A good leader should communicate clearly such that the listener understands the point. To excel in the art of communication, one should also know when to speak and when to listen. Good communication will boost team members’ confidence and make them feel that the team is on the same page.


Good leadership is all about maintaining an open communication to avoid misunderstandings among team members. When giving feedback to team members, the words chosen should be constructive and not criticism solely served to discourage. This ensures the team views their leader as a good leader.


Motivating Team Members


Good leaders manage their teams by motivating the team in an effective way. They may choose many ways to achieve this — providing regular training to team members, appreciation and awards to team members, encouraging them at meetings and constructively responding to their ideas and views, etc.


When team members are motivated by their manager, they align their goals in line with that of the company’s and a better team leads to better output.


Exemplary Ethical and Moral Standards


Most leaders expect their subordinates to have a good grasp of ethics and morals, but they should recall the importance of putting into practice what one preaches and so they themselves must own and follow these rules. It is necessary for a good leader to have exemplary ethical and moral standards, that will inspire the team members to adopt and follow them. The ability to effectively manage a team lies in the fact that good leadership is all about setting a good example to follow.


Estimates Team Members’ Abilities Precisely


Giving achievable deadlines, delegating tasks that suit the team member’s skills, staying practical about the goals and targets, etc. are some of the qualities of good leadership. In other words, a good leader and manager will know what to delegate and to whom and will never overburden the team members nor give them unrealistic targets and deadlines. This will ensure optimal results and is an effective way of team management.


Builds the Team Spirit


Occasionally team members may lose focus or be plagued by misunderstandings. A good leader knows that effective team management lies in maintaining team spirit; this can be achieved through regular meetings, open discussions, and gathering feedback from team members.


These qualities of effective leadership are best achieved through practice and if done successfully, will result in a good leader equipped with essential skills for team management all ready for action.

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