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SkillXP is promoted by TPCL which is one of India leading training and HR consulting organizations in the corporate sector partnering with blue chip multinational and Indian corporations, public sector undertakings and government organizations – providing a full spectrum of learning and development services.

Innovative Learning

Innovative Learning

Relevant to Industry

Relevant to Industry

Instant Downloadable

Instant Downloadable

Our Training Courses

We provide niche courseware packages and PPT materials that are highly effective and interactive.

Go ahead and personalize each training course material to match your training objectives and the training needs of your audience.

You even have full rights to brand it with your own brand name.


    100 Awesome Management Stories

    Smart Trainers are realizing the power of storytelling. Stories have a unique power to move participants  hearts, minds, feet in the storyteller’s intended direction.


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  • Business Writing

    Business Writing

    Even if you have  the education and  experience necessary  to get a good job, inadequate writing  skills could  hold you back.  Why?

    Because you need good writing skills to convey your knowledge and experience. Poor written communications can make you appear less competent than you are, and keep your ideas from getting the audience—and the praise—they deserve.


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  • First-Time-Manager

    First Time Manager

    Correct start by you will make  a huge difference…Developing strong managerial skills takes time – especially as you adjust to your new position.


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  • Personality-Development

    Personality Development

    No matter what your age is, there is always a space for improvement. Having a good personality can help in your better professional and social life

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SkillXP is a great resource for individuals as well as businesses; enabling them to nurture and build their business as well as focusing on and improving workplace talent via its world-class training materials. We have many years of experience in offering world-class training to business leaders at a global level.

We provide leadership training to a wide variety of international, prestigious clients from various industrial sectors, ranging from oil and gas, to banking and telecommunications, from utilities and maintenance, to the environmental science, engineering, and many more.

Our corporate training materials are available in a flexible and ready to utilize format for immediate seekers, or it can be presented through our dedicated team of trainers and consultants. We provide full coverage of a comprehensive range of topics for training soft skills from developing leadership skills, people development, distribution management, business coaching, selling skills to managing retail and business environments as well as many more.

In order to achieve excellence, as an individual or as an organisation, quality training resources are highly beneficial. Our corporate training courseware can easily be customized and tailored for achieving your purpose and can be adapted to serve your organization’s needs.

As a trainer, you may be looking for a high quality training course material or as a manager you could be searching for ways to develop your team and enhance its qualities: SkillXP fulfils both needs.

We provide completely scripted corporate training packages that are easy to use with the help of latest training models and concepts.

Our trainer’s guide is structured for easy to use. We offer clear directions and suggestions regarding what to do and what to say with each slide. We also offer a high impact PowerPoint slide deck as well as a comprehensive references workbook for the participants.

Our soft skills training materials include trainer notes, trainer guides, workbooks, slides, exercises only the face to face training course needs to be operated by you.

You can easily respond to the demands of the market in the quickest way by using our pre-designed training courses removing the need for spending large amounts of time and money on designing a course on your own. You also have option to customize, edit and modify the training courseware offered by us. Additionally, you can add your own content, replace the parts as desired and even put your own logo on it.

Trainers who make use of the courseware and leadership training materials provided by us, offer accelerated learning solutions that stand apart from the crowd.

More information about our services and customisation can be found by browsing our website and reading FAQ. We are always ready to help you and solve your query; you can contact us via phone or e-mail.